If you want to play at Gleis 22 please have a close look at our musical profile before sending us an E-Mail. We are - for example - not into Metal (except you are Anvil, Iron Maiden, Motörhead or Slayer), standard Blues or Jazz.

If you think your band fits into our programm, send us a Mail without any attachments, but a link to your music. Please do not waste your money by sending a CD.

If you do not get an answer, please do not think that we are arrogant assholes! It might have several reasons.

The main reason is the huge amount of mails we get every day. So please try again two weeks later! If you still get no answer we are probably not into your music and, honestly, we are not able to answer every mail, or we do not have a date available that matches with your tour schedule.

Send your mail to:  (Frank Dietrich)

Hafenstr. 34, 48153 Münster, T. 02 51.492 58 55